Apple Turnovers are easy to make

When I see Apple Turnovers in the grocery store and the price tag, I generally walk away unless my sweet tooth won’t allow me to pass them by. I love these things. So, I thought one day, why not try making them myself.

Searched on-line for a quick and easy website recipe and watched a video. So, little ingredients making these mouth watering yummies! Sometimes when I follow someone else’s recipes I don’t get the desired result, not this time.

apple turnovers

What I did discover though is, the recipe calling for only 4 apples makes 8 turnovers! Even I can’t eat that many in one sitting and these babies don’t store cooked well. I will freeze the other 4 and have them available for a quick treat at later times. I stored them in a plastic container, ready for icing in the morning.

Have at it folks these are heaven in your mouth, ENJOY!

sugar pecans

Oh, I also used up the rest of the sugar mixture with crushed Pecans. They didn’t all get crispy though so maybe I didn’t cook long enough. Enjoyed them in my spinach salad last night.

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