Do you “Jaygo”?

What is JAYGO you ask?

Click here for video

I’ve learned a neat little technique called join-as-you-go or “JAYGO” for short. Mind you this technique has been around a long time, ever wonder how those huge doily bedspreads and tablecloths were put together, THIS IS IT! 

Jaygo in crochet language is short for “join-as-you-go”, as you create your squares or rounds your joining them. This eliminates the tedius task of joining by weaving and sewing in each square or round. Can you imagine joining each one like that in the 100’s?!

Jaygo is so much easier and once you learn it you won’t be turned off by those seemingly daunting projects created with squares and rounds.

Check out this video to give you some of idea of how “JAYGO” works.



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