Don’t make New Year Resolutions

Rocking Crochet in the New Year
Rocking Crochet

Happy New Year 2017

Well, now you know that’s not true!  I do have many New Year Resolutions, the first is always to say a prayer and wish all of you a very good and prosperous year ahead. The second is a commitment said like a prayer to finish what I start!!!!!

Often I am working on too many things at once. But as an independent small business owner, that is always the challenge. So, this year I’m making an action list that makes more sense to me. That list contains short and long term activities. I pray it will keep me on track. We’ll see.

 God Bless everyone in the New Year and may you achieve all Your Goals and Resolutions.

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Crochet Recipe may not be about cooking but it is yummy

Crochet thread
Threads of possibility

Crochet Designer cooking is the same as a head cook, I think. Truly, that is what I am a chef and hook winder! Creating a meal menu with all its components is intricate. From planning the Menu. Purchasing ingredients. Prepping. Timing. All has to be as intricate as laying out a new crochet design. Whereas a chef will anticipate your first bite. I will anticipate your first glimpse of my design. Both of us anxiously await your response.

As a crochet designer, I ask myself many questions like: what thread or yarn, color or colors, technique of stitches to achieve texture, what will the texture be?

Very slowly and sometimes painstakingly, the form I desire begins to take shape. The numbers work out. The vision becomes a reality. My joy builds and my heart beats faster, driving the hook in my hand to the finish line. The finished piece becomes a reality.

Your comments and social sharing goes a long way to boost the inner joy of the designer, me, and I thank you. Many of my followers have written such lovely things about their crochet experience making one or more of my designs. See more on my website Pamela Veller Crochet and Pamela’s Patterns Etsy Shop.


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