If you are a crochet designer you collect BOOKS on anything crochet! The Harmony Guide to Crocheting Techniques and Stitches is one of my favorite “go-to’s” when I am deciding on such things as texture and stitches. Originally published in 1986 a mere thirty-one years ago, this book is jammed packed full of information. I even recall the day I found it in a thrift store in Mountain Home, AR! Taking care of my mother, I didn’t plan to drive 15 miles x2 into town that day, but I went anyway. I remember how tired and exhausted I was, but I told Mom I had to go to town to pick up a few things at the grocery store (I always had a list going!). I was passing by this thrift store, one her and I frequented often and decided to just do a quick walk through. Of course my hunt is always to the book shelves and found this treasure waiting for me! I believe in Angels, yes I do, there is no other explanation for this valuable book waiting patiently just for me!

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