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God’s Child Baptism Gown

Designing this special filet gown was a fun and learning challenge. I wanted to offer a way for the finished parts to be brought together with minimal sewing. If you like sewing (really?!) there is still some, but on the whole bringing these pieces together with satin ribbons at the waist and hem is so simple. You will also love making the vintage trim from the early 1920’s which so compliments the edges of this gown.

This one of a kind God’s Child Baptism Gown flows down the body so elegantly a beautiful handmade crochet gift to have ready for that special day for that special child. ♥epattern has been professionally edited.


Priscilla Baptism Gown

Priscilla Sacque Gown I

I often name my designs with proper names, you might be wondering why? Well, as I’m working through the (endless) details a name will come to me and sticks. That’s it and here is Priscilla.

Priscilla is a one of a kind gown that has options! The bottom of this gown is so beautiful, as beautiful as her bodice. Weave the hem pieces together then draw the satin ribbons tight creating a beautiful Mermaid effect. I love it! Looking at it makes me smile and you will too. ♥epattern has been professionally edited.

Because She is your heart

Hearts Filet DressDress your little girl in hearts because she is your heart. A quick filet crochet dress with lots of hearts to go around.

Slip over a onesie, dress or slip. Tie a pretty bow and off you go. Her family and friends will be amazed at what you have handmade. 

And don’t forget “colors” are infinite! From mixing threads and ribbons she will get to wear this little dress over and over keeping it fresh. ♥epattern has been professionally edited.

Aurora Baptism Gown

The design for this Baptism Gown was instantly inspired by a picture of a small crochet reticule purse from the late 1800’s. It doesn’t take much when I look at vintage pattern books to get my own designer juices flowing. The reticule bodice flowing into the texture of the skirt is lovely and using Patons Grace white thread a joy to work with. You will enjoy crocheting a new stitch pattern set (my editor helped me name!) called the ©Picot Circle too.

Made by you to slip over that precious baby for that glorious day receiving the blessings of God. What could be more perfect and what is sure to become a treasured heirloom gift that could at some point be handed down. ♥epattern has been professionally edited.

Aurora Blanket

So, of course Aurora needs a special blanket crochet design to complete this wonderful gift!  That is why I designed Aurora Blanket with complimentary design taken from her Gown skirt and edging. In addition to using Patons Grace White I also incorporated Aunt Lydia’s Cotton Thread. The two together give such a beautiful texture that is hard to photograph but turned out so beautiful.

I love the peek a boo grill effect of the border (and I think you will too) which leads the eye to a stunning corner of ©Picot Circle edging. Crochet this set for your own little one or as a gift for another. With that very special event in memory, this set will sure to be cherished and become a treasured heirloom for future little ones to come.

A tip that came to me from a wise Great-Grandmother……store these precious articles safely to keep their white bright white over the years by packing them in blue paper. Today you will want to look for packaging and papers that are acid-free and make sure your pieces are clean. ♥epattern has been professionally edited.

Red White & Blue Baby Dress

My first crochet Red White and Blue anything. Of course I love it! When I slipped this filet dress over a white onesie and a pair of blue jeans I couldn’t help but laugh. She is adorable if I can say so. Using Aunt Lydia’s thread, one ball of each in red, white and blue that’s all you need to make this play dress. Well, that and a little bit of ribbon for the waist. There is a pattern included for the flowers and a lovely headband too. ♥epattern has been professionally edited.

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