Welcome to my Kaleidoscope World

As a crochet free-lance designer and pattern writer I am immersed in a world of spectrum. A kaleidoscope of fiber textures—rainbows of color—crochet stitches and techniques and ideas that are infinite. I envision my crochet hook as a kaleidoscope. A simple turn of the dial or hook in this case and POP, a vision of pattern and color takes shape. Turn the dial again and watch as the tiniest fragments of color and texture weave and change. This is my creative mind at work. One never really knows where a particular design piece will end, I don’t. But, I like to think that it ain’t over until the last end is woven in!

…“it ain’t over until the last end is woven in!”…

Pamela Veller Crochet Design philosophy is simple, if I can’t explain what I’m doing on paper, I won’t. This is important because if you can’t understand or follow my pattern, I lose you.

As a designer and pattern writer my attention to detail has to take precedent. I even use Industry Standard language as presented by the Craft Yarn Council. I fill your toolbox full of everything you need to complete the pattern. Such as, a materials list, stitch definitions and acronyms, pictures, charts, graphs, how to’s and more. I pay attention to all that for you for one purpose, that you will finish the pattern you purchased from Pamela’s Patterns Shop on Etsy. That you will want to return again and again to see what direction my creativity is taking now.

Be inspired. Make it an Artwork in Crochet day!

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Some of my favorite designs

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