Broomstick Lace

Broomstick lace is a fun way to use something the diameter of a broomstick handle along with your crochet hook. This craft technique has been around for a very long time dating back to the 1800’s. It is simpler than it looks and has made a comeback as seen by the amount of tutorials and patterns in the market place today.

The “handle” diameter is what will define the size of the opening and the lace-effect you desire…….from a simple 1/2 inch to 3 inch and more dowel, pencils, pens, broom handles and more can be used, basically anything you can wrap your yarn around.

See the attached tutorial here and the free pattern for Broomstick Jewels II! See more free patterns on my ♥freepatterns♥ page and get that yarn going in circles.

Broomstick Lace Scarf Tutorial

Pamelas Patterns Broomstick Jewels II

Irish Broomstick Scarf

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Do you “Jaygo”?

What is JAYGO you ask?

Click here for video

I’ve learned a neat little technique called join-as-you-go or “JAYGO” for short. Mind you this technique has been around a long time, ever wonder how those huge doily bedspreads and tablecloths were put together? But, all the same this technique is new to me and I love it!

Jaygo means in crochet just what its short for “join-as-you-go”, as you create your squares or rounds your joining them. This eliminates the tedius task of joining by weaving and sewing in each square or round. Can you imagine joining each one like that in the 100’s?!

Jaygo is so much easier and once you learn it you won’t be turned off by those seemingly daunting projects created with squares and rounds.

Check out this video to give you some of idea of how “JAYGO” works.

Don’t stop crocheting!


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What’s coming up

July 4th Weekend Project

Sometimes I work on multiple projects at one time and right now probably too many! Grabbed my favorite shopping bag and stuffed this on-going baby-blanket-in-progress into it and went to visit friends. We didn’t plan on visiting folks this weekend as we don’t like traveling on the road on holidays, but hubby said “come on let’s go!” That’s the beauty of crochet, throw it in with your stuff, suitcase whatever, your hands don’t have to be idle! Have a safe and happy Holiday no matter what you decide to do.



Filet Butterfly

Currently designing a Filet Butterfly gown and playing with the Bodice over a sheer dancing skirt. Really liking this Orchid #3 Thread too! Haven’t decided yet exactly on the skirt but have lots of ideas….open work, cables, granny squares…endless!

Filet Butterfly


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