Free Pattern: Broomstick Jewels

Irish Broomstick Scarf

Spring can still be chilly, so making this quick green scarf for St. Patrick’s Day is just the thing. Pamela’s Patterns Broomstick Jewels can be made quickly using your wooden spoon handle, knitting needle or even your broom handle! Raise your mug and enjoy the celebration. ♥freepattern♥

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Baby Boy Blue

What could be lovelier than giving a gift you made with your own hands. I made Baby Boy Blue several years ago and gifted it to a friend who was soon to be a Grampa, a first grandchild, a BOY!

Working in a soft blue and white baby soft yarn creating a nice contrast in the stitches. As that little guy grew up his eyes matched this lovely blanket a sky blue that I’ve never seen before in any child.

Learning how to crochet will open up a whole world of gift-giving. Check out the many crochet pattern books at your local craft store or on-line. There are tons of videos out there and instructors who teach this lovely craft. Also, check out CGOA which stands for “Crochet Guild of America” for a whole lot more.

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Apple Turnovers

Apple Turnovers

When I see Apple Turnovers in the grocery store and the price tag, I generally walk away unless my sweet tooth won’t allow me to pass them by. I love these things. So, I thought one day, why not try making them myself.

Searched on-line for a quick and easy website recipe and watched a video. So, little ingredients making these mouth watering yummies! Sometimes when I follow someone else’s recipes I don’t get the desired result, not this time.

What I did discover though is, the recipe calling for only 4 apples makes 8 turnovers! Even I can’t eat that many in one sitting and these babies don’t store cooked very well. I will freeze the other 4 and have them available for a quick treat at later times. I stored them in a plastic container, ready for icing in the morning. Oh, I also used up the rest of the sugar mixture with crushed Pecans. They didn’t all get crispy though so maybe I didn’t cook long enough. Enjoyed them in my spinach salad last night.

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Dreaming of Green Feet

dreaming of collectibles

Dreaming and itching to be outside as we are experiencing early signs of Spring. Spent all afternoon yesterday raking and picking up sticks to be hauled over to the woods. Even took down the Christmas lights from the roof! Came in last night tired and dirty but feeling productive, not to mention all the vitamin-D benefits I got!


Looking this morning at my yarn bins and on-going projects and I find myself day dreaming,  and asking myself “do I follow my written goals or take advantage of the turn in the weather?” I can think of about 3 Antique Stores I want to go to looking for my crafty treasures from books to measuring tapes. There are a couple of new stores on the square, one is actually a Fiber Shop that is doing classes in weaving and punch felting, something I thought about doing a few years ago, have the stuff but have not accomplished YET! Or I could go into town for puff pastry to bake apple turnovers and maybe stop by and look at heirloom seeds? Dreaming or dreamer I don’t know but sometimes I have no will power at all!


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