Crochet Design on the go

Design at Home or Library or Cafe or Park Bench

Design cafe

Design park benchDesign LibraryI’ve often wondered where my fellow artisans design their artistry. If your artwork is portable like mine, I can throw a crochet hook, yarn and a pad of paper to capture the designs I’m making all in a bag and hit the road. I can work anywhere; at home, library or even while sipping a mocha in a cafe!

The most interesting place I’ve crocheted is while we were moving from California to the East Coast and ultimately Ohio. I sat outside many Pawn Shops with my hands busy busy! Of course I made a pact with him, for every Pawn Shop I waited at for him, he owed me an Antique Store trip…..he’s still paying up!

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Crochet Table Chargers for your Holiday Table

Crochet Table Chargers

Crochet Table Chargers are a great decorating accessory for your festive table. The effect will be so much different then the traditional plastic gold charger that you put under your guests dinner plates. If you don’t think you have time, then do a few for just the serving dishes, the effect will be just as personal.

If you get started asap these will be ready to wow your guests when they see your holiday table. This design is so quick and easy, you will enjoy crocheting them for all your holiday table needs. Christmas too is right around the corner! And Thanksgiving too!

A great way to use up stash yarn too!




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Scratchy Yarn Softens Up

What about that Scratchy Yarn in your Stash

Scratchy Yarn
Scratchy Yarn

My sister came across a most wonderful article about softening scratchy yarn in your stash pile. I know when I look at mine, I think about many projects that the yarn could be used for. Though, I cringe at the thought of creating something with those wonderful colors at the expense of my fingers! Not to mention the waste of money sitting there too.

Check out the article by Heart Hook Home on their website and get busy reducing that pile of wonderful soft yarn.

What is so great about this article is your going to do laundry anyway right? So easy and economical too. Not to mention you might just go and buy more yarn and who doesn’t need more yarn?

Thanks SIS!


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